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IPO of Viela Bio lifts net asset value per HBM-share by CHF 1.40 (+0.7%)


Viela Bio (Nasdaq: VIE), a privately held company in the portfolio of HBM Healthcare Investments, successfully went public. The company raised USD 150 million through the issuance of 7.9 million new shares at a price of USD 19.00 per share. On yesterday’s first trading day the stock price rose to USD 23.41 (+23.2%).

HBM Healthcare Investments participated for the first time in a private financing round in June 2019 with USD 20 million in Viela and invested a further USD 9.5 million at the IPO. Following the IPO, HBM Healthcare Investments holds 1.75 million shares worth USD 41 million. As a result of this transaction, the net asset value per HBM-share (NAV) increases by CHF 1.40 (+0.7%).

Viela specializes in the treatment of severe inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The lead product candidate inebilizumab, an antibody for the treatment of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disease, has successfully completed Phase III clinical development and is currently in the approval process with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disease is a serious inflammation of the central nervous system typically affecting the optic nerve and spinal cord.

For further information, please contact Dr Andreas Wicki on +41 41 710 75 77, or at