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Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR
Publication of Annual Report 2022/2023 and Invitation to the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting


The invitation to the 22nd Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on 19 June 2023 has been sent to the shareholders of HBM Healthcare Investments today.

The detailed invitation with all motions of the Board of Directors is enclosed and displayed on the Company’s website www.hbmhealthcare.com/en/investors/shareholders-meeting.

HBM Healthcare Investments also published today its Annual Report 2022/2023 on the Company’s website www.hbmhealthcare.com/en/investors/financial-reports.

For further information, please contact Dr Andreas Wicki on +41 41 710 75 77, or at andreas.wicki@hbmhealthcare.com.