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HBM Healthcare Investments Ltd concludes 2019 share buyback programme and launches new share buyback programme


Yesterday, HBM Healthcare Investments Ltd concluded the 2019 share buyback programme that started in June 2019. Under the buyback programme, no registered shares were repurchased via the second trading line on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

The Board of Directors would like to maintain the possibility of repurchasing own shares in the future through a new buyback programme, depending on the development of the business, the free liquidity and the markets. Based on the resolution of the Annual General Meeting of 10 June 2022, the Company will launch a new share buyback programme for a maximum of 696’000 registered shares (10% of the registered shares entered in the commercial register) for the purpose of cancellation by capital reduction. The buyback programme will be executed via a separate trading line on the SIX Swiss Exchange. It will start on 29 June 2022 and last until 27 June 2025 at the latest.

Further information on the new share buyback programme 2022 can be found on the website

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