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HBM Healthcare Investments Quarterly Report June 2018


Agenda for the 17th Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on 25 June 2018

1. Statutory financial statements and group financial statements 2017/2018; reports of the auditors

2. Discharge from liability of the members of the Board of Directors and Management

3. Appropriation of results
- Appropriation of disposable profit of CHF 136'370'716
- Withholding tax-exempt cash distribution from the reserve from capital brought in of CHF 5.50 per entitled share

4. Elections regarding the Board of Directors
- Re-elections of the Chairman and of the Members of the Board of Directors
- Re-election of the members of the Compensation Committee

5. Compensation to the Board of Directors and to the Management

6. Appointment of auditors

7. Appointment of independent proxy-holder

8. Reduction of share capital by means of cancellation of own shares

9. Nominal value reduction and repayment of CHF 1.50 per share (additional distribution)

10. Miscellaneous