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Dr Stella Xu
Member of the Board of Directors since 2020, US national

Ph.D. in Immunology from Northwestern University, and B.S. in Biophysics from Peking University.
Since 2017 managing director of Quan Capital Management, a venture capital company focusing on biosciences having its registered office in China as well as affiliates in the USA. Before that, she worked with Roche in both USA and China in various functions for 15 years. Last, as a key member of the global management team for research and early development in immunology, inflammation and infectious diseases, she led the innovation center of Roche in Shanghai including approx. 200 scientists. Before Roche, with McKinsey & Company in the USA for four years, with responsibility for strategic projects in the field of life science.

Member of the Board of Directors Design Therapeutics since 2020, Walking Fish Therapeutics since 2019, NextCure (Nasdaq: NXTC) since 2018, Centrexion Therapeutics since 2017, Tempest Therapeutics since 2018 and Zidan Medical since 2018.